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The Perfect Show Guest

Arman har opptredt i mange mediesammenhenger. Han gjør seg som en flott gjest. Arman mangler aldri noe som kan hjelpe publikum. Det er Armans spesialitet å forstå økonomi, eller det enorme stresset folk får når de er bekymret for penger. Han er også vist i magasinet ‘Runners’ World ’, så han elsker også å snakke om triatlon og løping.


Media Library

A collection of publshed articles

Arman is a regular guest in many publications. His opinion is often sought by publishers and producers as a thought leader in personal financial economy, addiction recovery, rehabilitation and employment of criminals and turning your life around.

Arman’s Media Library

Arman’s Guest Appearances on Podcasts

The Perfect Podcast Guest

Arman has supported many podcast hosts. He has an easy going engaging style. His insights always add value to a show. Arman will always leave your audience wanting more. Click the link below to a collection of podcasts


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You may want Arman to deliver a follow up workshop or Q and A to help your audience go away with actions to take. This chat gives you the opportunity to discover how Arman can add value to your conference. You can also discuss timescales and budget so you know exactly what to expect.

You may want Arman to work with your Leadership team or help groups before or after the conference.  This is a great time to find what is possible.