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About Us

We are change experts, passionate about our subjects and experienced in our field … and we will make you smile!

Lead by Ian Travers, one of the UK’s best behaviour change specialists, Thinking it Better is designed to change your thinking to deliver better results.

What We Do

We will work with you to help you make sustained changes and improvements to your personal, team, or business performance.

We specialise in a unique, proven, blended ‘behaviours’ with ‘technical skills’ approach.

Discover our online and face-to-face programmes here.

Our Clients

We work with a range of businesses, from SME’s to large global blue chip organisations.

Every team has an aspect on which to improve. Find out what type of organisations we are working with now.


We regularly run a variety of courses and workshops for teams and individuals, all designed to ‘help people be the best they can be’.

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We always begin by understanding what you want to change – then we help you think it through, simplifying as we go – helping you get to the core of the challenges – then we help you develop new habits – that way you can be sure of a sustained improvement after we have left!

Introducing TiB Online

The Thinking it Better team have worked with Global organisations over the past couple of decades, delivering success for teams and individuals. We are proud of our work and are keen for more people to benefit from our strategies and techniques.

With this in mind we have developed a series of amazing digital programmes and change-provoking workshops for anyone that is considering change for themselves or their teams.



We work with MD’s, Directors and management teams to develop their leadership skills through techniques and strategies that have been proven, are sustainable and ensure peak performance thinking,


Team Engagement

Team and employee engagement are vital elements of a companies success. We combine practical skills (such as planning and project management) with world class mindset change techniques to ensure your team receive full, sustainable change and, therefore, better results.



Planning is a key element of success. Our planning programmes allow you to understand principles and techniques that we can, when applied correctly, guarantee they will improve team performance.


Problem Solving

Problem Solving is an art form and one that can save your company millions. Our team can deliver a high quality, engaging and proven solution to ensure you are Thinking Problems Better.


“The most inspiring course I’ve ever been on”


Latest News

Jane Travers


Jane is the Office Manager and will be the person you come into contact with if you call the office. Keeping the teams busy schedules organised and managing the accounts department. Jane has a wide and varied background – from being a self-defence instructor in the Police Service, to managing all administrative activities for the Youth Hostel Association in Derbyshire, and also running her own business in property management. Jane looks after the smooth running of the business and also provides supplementary admin support where required for ‘complete solutions’ for some of our clients.

Charlie Travers


Charlie is the creator and editor of our creative media, whether as part of a programme we are running or as part of a custom solution for a client. Charlie has an eye for creative detail and a talent to quickly absorb information. Charlie has delivered a number of media projects for clients and the local community all with very positive feedback. He has designed, filmed edited and published a number of short films and ‘talking heads’ movies for current clients and also for social media – used as part of Thinkingitbetter development courses and workshops and also to [...]

Rich Benham


Senior LEAN Manufacturing Coach / Lean Leadership Cultural Change / LEAN Facilities & Infrastructure. After excelling in all areas of his engineering apprenticeship, Rich has developed a thorough knowledge of LEAN over the last 20 years. He has helped to coach Lean methodologies and transformed operations in both Manufacturing and non-Manufacturing industries. He started his career as an Engineer at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd, and has helped to implement lean tools and coach important LEAN leadership behaviours as a senior LEAN consultant in world-leading organisations such as Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, Velux, Bombardier Transportation, Ford Chicago Stamping, Caterpillar, [...]

Simon Haas


Associate – Problem Solving and Lean Specialist Simon has a wealth of experience and a passion for leading teams to achieve business results. At Rolls-Royce, Simon devised an approach to process improvement that is psychologically, not tools based. The key element to this is the recognition that the people who work in processes day in day out are experts. Thus, in leading process improvement, Simon facilitates a simple structure whilst not seeing himself as the expert on the process being improved. Teams generate very simply an understanding in detail of the current process, what process problems there are and generate their [...]

Martin Gagg


Associate – Programme and Project Management Specialist We welcome Martin to our expanding team in 2019. He brings with him a significant body of experience and knowledge in Project and Programme Management. By way of 26 years of industrial experience, Martin is passionately focused on sharing his programme management and leadership skills with our increasingly diverse client base. He has delivered complex, high value projects and programmes across a diverse range of domains. These include gas turbine design and development, change management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and most recently 10 years delivering major building and infrastructure programmes culminating in [...]

Stewart Jane


Head of Product Development Stewart has recently joined the team and is passionate about simplifying the theory and provide real and contextual coaching to businesses, teams and practitioners. Stewart has an accumulated 39 years of working within the aerospace industry. His career has seen him spend 23 years service with the Royal Air Force leading teams around the world.  His achievements on service investigations and product introduction were formally recognised through senior military commendations.  Stewart was recruited by Rolls-Royce and went on to lead Engineering Programmes on world beating products.  Stewart left Rolls-Royce after 16 years as Global Chief [...]